The Hiveshare map shows the location apiaries as well as places where people can buy raw honey direct from the producer. Its purpose is to make it easy to seeΒ  to find your nearest beekeeper to survey the most common type of bee species in each region as well as the the most popular types of beehives and frames used.Β  Put your apiary on the map, the Hiveshare map.

This form is for apiaries only. If there are no bees at your property, but you sell honey, please use this form

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  • Drag and drop the pin to the right location. It doesn't have to be exact, near enough will do.
  • Press the above button and if you're at your apiary now, the Hiveshare map may be able to automatically find your location.
  • Type in the street name and Suburb and we'll autodetect your address.
  • What's Your Beekeeping Style?

  • Tell us the species of bee that populate your hives.
  • Every beekeeper has a favourite! What's yours?
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    If you sell honey from this site, fill in the below section. All this information will be publicly available on the map. If you don't sell honey from this site leave this section blank.
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