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We think the best place to host beehives is where people are interested in apiculture. Our goal is to link to you a steady stream of hosts in your location who will be happy to provide you with sites and maybe even help with the harvest when the time is ready. Sounds interesting? Sign up with the form below.

If its not quite you, you might still want to sign up anyway. Hiveshare plans on offering a Hiveshare PRO package for beekeepers in the future. It can’t hurt to stay informed.

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  • This is where you do your beekeeping from. We'll use this location to measure distance from you to potential hosts.
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    What is the smallest number of hives you wish to have in one loctation. eg. 5 = no less than 5 hives on the one host property.
    Hiveshare recommends that all beekeepers as a minimum get $10million public liability insurance. It doesn't cost much and is good peace of mind. Contact your local insurance broker.