Hire a Beehive

Hiveshare is a beekeeping collective who looks for people willing to host bee hives on their property.  If you’ve got an interest in beekeeping and would like to host beehives but don’t have the time to care for them, the space to store and run all the associated equipment or or want to fork out the thousands of dollars up front to buy all the kit, our local beekeepers offer you the chance to hire a beehive.

How does it work?

You offer space on your urban, rural or bushland property to beekeepers near you. A Hiveshare beekeeper sets up and maintains a mature beehive on your property. You’ll be invited along at harvest, get all of the honey and related products and bragging rights to owning your own beehive. There is even an opportunity to produce your very own brand of honey if you like; Makes a great gift!

What do I have to do?

Your job will be to keep an eye on the beehives and keep them safe and watered but that’s about it. If you like we’re happy for you to get more involved in the maintenance and care of the bees over time. Its a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. You can get more info on that by filling out the below form.

What does it cost?

See the beekeeper listing for costs for hiring a beehive. Hire should include all inspections and a maintenance schedule. You get to keep all of the produce from that hive (typically producing about 60kg of honey per hive) (but you do not own the hive.)

Can you make it cheaper?

There’s a lot of back and forth involved in beekeeping and its hard work. We suggest that if you want to, go halves or quarters in the hive with friends or family members and share in the bounty.

Spring to it!

There are limited numbers of  new  beehives available for hire  each Spring so it’s best to preregister your interest right away by filling out the below form. Its no obligation and we’ll send you the next steps info pack which will let you know more about the Hiveshare program, what you get and honey money. Hives are allocated on a first come first serve basis depending on the beekeeper in your area.  If there IS no beekeeper in your area, encourage one to sign up by clicking here.

  • Please note, it is not recommended that beehives be kept on properties under 400 square meters. Consult your local council rules for beekeeping.
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Happy Beekeeping,
Adrian K.