The Realsource mark is used to distinguish single batch honey that can be securely traced back to its origin.

Realsource labs test each batch to prove its authenticity. We require three components to be met before the Realsource brandmark is granted.Realsource marked honey meets the following requirements.

Requirement One – Single Location Unblended Honey Statutory Declaration
Realsource honey must come from one unblended batch extraction in a place of known origin. We ask all beekeepers to sign and get witnessed statutory declarations to this effect.

Requirement TwoPollen Count
Manual pollen counts are one of the best ways to ensure that the honey is unfiltered. Each type of plant species produces a unique pollen grain shape.  It’s difficult to blend pollen into honey the way that the bees do. Identifying the pollen species provides further evidence as to where the honey was produced.  Pollen counting is done under a microscope and is an expensive test; it’s quite time consuming.

Requirement Three – HMF Test for Heat Treatment and Poor Storage Conditions
Hydromethylfurfural (HMF) is a byproduct of the heat degradation of glucose. The HMF concentration in honey increases with heat and time. If honey is heated to high temperatures, or if it is stored in warmer temperatures for longer periods of time HMF goes up.  Anything under about 10 parts per million proves the honey is raw and unprocessed. Smetimes MHF can be naturally be higher in some varieties and is usually higher in the tropics where honey is naturally subjected to higher temperatures.

Optional Test Four Microbial Total Activity
Total Activity Refers to a microbial activity of honey. Testing regimes vary, but in all honeys that arent Manuka honey, microbial activity is usually testing hydrogen peroxide activity. Honey has an enzyme which produces in-situ hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water, which provides its antimicrobial benefit.

Realsource Labs Results

Western Australia

Producer Number Producer Name Honey Batch Test Date Single Origin Stat. Dec. Pollen Count HMF Level
Total Activity
 No 8.  Melisseus 01-08  Sept 2019  PDF  61% Eucalyptus Marginata