We want everyone to have access to local honey from their neighbourhood so we started The Neighbourhood Honey Project™.

Why? Because:

  • Local beekeepers produce amazing honey in small batches that’s totally unprocessed
  • Local beekeepers  don’t use antibiotics, and have more time to focus on a few beehives
  • Having neighbourhood beehives encourage us all to stop using pesticides, herbicides and other poisons
  • Neighborhood honey hasn’t traveled huge distances from distant places or countries (low food miles)
  • Neighbourhood honey feels genuine helping you shop small & shop local.

We know the future of beekeeping and all our pollinators lies in more environmentally responsible beekeeping. Lets eliminate chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics from our food chain and make our neighborhood a better place for bees and our community at the same time.

Calling all Urban Beekeepers

Got a beehive? Expensive and time consuming hobby isn’t it? We’d like to encourage you to fund your beekeeping advenuture and get your amazing quality honey out there; Getting people to taste it really is the best way to show everyone the difference. At the same time we can educate them to importance of our pollinators. We need your help to spread the beekeeping message in your neighbourhood, across town and to the whole world. It’s easy to join, just three quick steps:


Step 1.  Register A Unique Name

Register your neighborhood name, suburb, street name, postcode, county, club, school  or business name.  Once registered it’s yours – no one else can take it.

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Step 2. Create Your ‘Keeper’ Profile

Fill out your profile  and we’ll publish  a mini website just for you and your honey product. We’ll give you access to our labelling tools and special online shop just for members and our blog where we discuss packaging, distribution ,  marketing, PR and more. Its the easiest way to get your pure and local honey to market, ever.

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Step 3.
Make that Honey Money!

Use our marketing resources to help sell your ethical  honey and make honey money! Customers will flock to your door when they taste the delicious and unique flavours of your super local honey.

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What Do We Do For You

Our project simplifies the hard bits of honey sales and promotion and takes away the pain involved in honey packing, promotion and distribution. We let you focus on taking care of your bees and educating friends and family. Here’s what’s in it for you.

  • You get to own a unique georgraphical territory that’s just yours
  • Info and help on both food security and beekeeping biosecurity practices to keep all our products super clean, safe and raw and our beehives healthy and strong
  • Help with branding, design and labeling under the The Neighbourhood Honey Project brand
  • Advice with the most efficient way to pack and print honey products
  • Support to help you offer your premium beehive bounty to your neighbourhood (including sales crib sheets for stores, cafes, bakeries and more)
  • A free mini-website to help promote your wares and let your neighbours buy online
    … and thats’ just for starters!Together we can build a whole  movement to help monitor bee health, produce only true honey and help save the bees. Ready to start? Reserve your location below

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